About Jake

It’s a Jungle Out There…And I’m Going to Explore it! 

Jake Krauss is a wildlife biologist, science writer, and film producer based in Washington D.C.  He has worked on conservation projects across Australia, Africa, and South America looking at endangered species conservation and working with local communities to find conservation solutions. He is a proud Rice University alum and conservation optimist, and believes that while people have caused lots of environmental havoc, people can also be part of the solution (Job security isn’t what it was, and he wasn’t trained to be a paleontologist).

Jake is currently a presenter, and lover of all things wild, doing field research in reintroductions, or the study of how to bring back endangered species from the brink of extinction, through the University of New South Wales in Sydney. He has also published in scientific journals and produced an award-winning short-film stemming from his research in Peru. 

Follow along here to see Jake’s adventures around the globe, exploring the world’s amazing wildlife, natural places, and finding local solutions to global environmental problems.


Holding a wild sifaka as part of a long-term health monitoring program in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar


Holding Phoenix, a young Tasmanian Devil. Jake collaborated with Aussie Ark, an Australian NGO dedicated to “rewilding” the forests of New South Wales with these endangered native marsupials.