Non-Profit Sector

Jake has written over 50 articles and conceptualized 6 graphics for the National Environmental Education Foundation, explaining environmental science research and connecting it to people’s lives in fun and creative ways. To read some of Jake’s work visit NEEF’s website or  the EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds.


An example of a graphic conceptualized for the EPA’s Office of Water, detailing tips on invasive species prevention.

He has also written for The Conversation on Australian flora and conservationHe is also a member of NPR SciCommers and consulted with Don Torrance and science correspondent Joe Palca on the publication of his latest article in The Wildlife Professional. He has also written about his experiences researching lemurs in Madagascar for Massive. Jake also recently published an essay on impacts of pollution on wildlife in the Gulf of California in Plastics and Microplastics, part of the ABC-CLIO series on contemporary and world issues.

Jake co-produced and researched for a short film while collaborating on a fellowship in Peru with Fauna Forever. With a cinematographer, he documented the mating display of the Andean cock-of-the-rock, Peru’s national bird from both a research (In Press) and ecotourism perspective. Footage of the birds dancing spliced with dance performances in Cuzco connects the art community to nature, placing 3rd in the 2018 XSection Film Festival and screening for the most recent MIRA Festival [en Alemania]. To check it out, please click here.


Jake has presented on over a dozen episodes of science podcast Boiling Pointbroadcasted on Eastside 89.7 FM live every Tuesday.

Jake is also the winner of a 1st place Study Abroad Photography festival competition for “A Gentle Giant,” winner of the “Nature Category” and “Las Veronicas,” winner of show (Link to Rice University news article.) Jake’s photography is also featured in the International Society for Conservation Biology’s Malaysia Conference “Conservation Optimism Exhibit.”

In July 2019, Jake was selected for the ComSciCon19 Flagship Workshop in San Diego, where he received coaching in science communication specifically for graduate students. He workshopped a piece with Undiscovered Host Elah Feder and trained with journalists for best practices in science communication. He also received science comedy training with Science Riot and DC Science Comedy. He also participated in SciCommCamp in 2019, attending workshops from science communication professionals such as Alie Ward, Cara Santa Maria, and Youtube videomaker Physics Gal.

To read a published plant love story click here: An Orchid of Two Hearts Poem </3